A “Traminer” is down-to-earth.

A constantly good ground makes a (constantly) good wine. All winegrowers agree that the ground shapes the character of the wine in a way that it determines where which grape variety grows the best.

Of course, the name "Vineus" is also closely connected to wine. The surroundings of the Kastelaz hill are covered with suitable grape varieties such as Gewürztraminer and Merlot. It is an ideal terroir for unique, exquisite wines, which are labelled as "Vigna Kastelaz".

In our house, the usual suspects, the local, autochthonous grape varieties from Vernatsch to Lagrein, as well as the whole variety of the wine arsenal can be tasted. The owner, himself a sommelier, is happy to give you first-hand advice and enjoys exchanging ideas with his guests while enjoying a glass of wine. You can simply ask him....

Tramin - terra vinea - Home of the Gewürztraminer

A wine village with wines in a class of their own. Even the Romans discovered that wine was already being cultivated in our climes and that wood was already being used for its storage before they arrived at our region. The "dolio vinum" wine cask found its origin in our land.

Our wine was already traded along the famous Via Claudia Augusta, which led through our Adige Valley, at that time the first Alpine connection and today a popular cycle route. In the Middle Ages, it was the monasteries that traded the precious wine all over the world.

Not to forget our Oswald von Wolkenstein in 1415 to King Sigmund of Constance when Oswald did not like the wine:

"And your wine, a sloe drink
That smokes my throat ill
That it catches
My bright song
Often my thoughts drift to Termeno".

Not to say that Oswald already knew that there was good wine in Tramin.

Latin Wine Quotes

Quale vinum, tale Latinum
Like the wine, so my Latin.

Vinum novum, amicus novus!
A new wine is like a new friend!

Post vinum verba, post imbrem nascitur herba!
After the wine the words flourish, after the rain the grass!

Quando bibo vinum, loquitur mea lingua Latinum.
Drinking wine, I speak Latin.

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